Managing Director David Goodings, was invited to the House of Lords to a roundtable discussion organised by packaging compliance experts Buyerdock to highlight the importance of ‘Driving change through digital labelling on consumer packaging.’

The event was hosted by The Earl of Erroll was a fantastic opportunity to discuss digital labelling and particularly the use of 2D Barcodes and also provided us with a chance to support our customers with international regulations. 

Here at Redrose, labelling your products is a critical and key part of our production processes, so learning about how we take this forward and further embrace digital labelling technology using 2D Codes is incredibly important to us.

David Goodings, Managing Director at Redrose Nutraceutical, said: “While we already have full traceability throughout our factory, the event provided an excellent opportunity for us to look at how we help our customers build their knowledge about international regulations and ensure that our worldwide customers can rely on us to support their businesses. 

“Using the next generation of GS1 2D barcodes, prepares brand owners (and manufacturers alike) for the implementation of the Digital Product Passport (DPP). This is a critical element to drive the world to a circular economy, allowing customers to have greater  transparency about where the product has come from, how it was made and by whom and what happens when the product is finished.”

“The latest technology enables brands and manufacturers to have direct engagement with their customers, providing a unique opportunity to have a digital product passport that could also be used to provide information on how to recycle products and their packaging.

“As we are passionate about caring for our surrounding environment and the other elements which can impact our health, it was important for us to learn more about digital labelling and how that can potentially help to lower the carbon footprint of our customers products.”

The meeting brought together other industry leaders and government officials to discuss these issues and opportunities available when it came to digital labelling, and how the UK could be a global lead for this. 

David Goodings, Managing Director at Redrose found the meeting to be incredibly informative and extremely helpful with the ability to network with experts in the field such as Jonathan Sparkes from Buyerdock and Simone Thomas and Alexandra Mogg from Simone Thomas Wellness who kindly extended the invitation. 

When it comes to the labelling of your products, we will liaise with you to ensure we help your design team provide all of the technical information needed to introduce their own 2D Codes. Contact us here to learn more about us: