New product development

From its on-site laboratory, the Redrose technical team works to develop custom formulations based upon your preferences. Whether you’re wanting to test out a completely new formulation, make changes and update an existing product, or would like us to come up with a supplement that results in a specific benefit for the end user, our experienced team can do it all.

In addition to researching and testing, as part of our service, we can also provide product samples for customers to review before they commit to production.

Below we’ve included a brief run-down of how our NPD service works.


1. Initial Enquiry

Either through email or phone, get in touch with our lead Technical Sales Manager who will arrange to complete a New Product Consultation with you.

2. New Product Consultation

We’ll ask you a few questions about the formulation you’re looking to create, so that we can begin our research and testing.

3. Quote and Proposal

From here, we’ll send you a proposal and quote detailing exactly what we’ll be developing for you and the associated costs involved.

4. Product Development

Once agreed, this is where the real fun starts. Our team will begin testing ingredients volumes and formulations until we create our first batch of samples. 

This process typically takes around four weeks, however you’re more than welcome to give the office a call for an update at any time.


5. Samples

From there, you’ll be sent product samples for you to trial, review and provide feedback to our team.

6. Adjustments

Once you’ve provided your feedback, we may have a few adjustments to make and can also send out additional samples if needed.

7. Ready to Go

After you’re approved the final formulation, we can hand you over to our manufacturing team who will add this to our production schedule as a priority.

The Redrose Open Door Policy

By David Goodings

If you’d like to come and see the work we do here at Redrose for yourself, please give our office a call and we can book you a meeting and factory tour at your earliest convenience.

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