Product Concepts

Redrose ‘Off-the-shelf’ formulations


The Redrose team have created a wide range of cutting-edge formulations to cover all areas of the Food Supplement industry. The formulations have been created by industry experts and nutritionists to ensure our range is not only wide and diversified but also containing current trending product concepts and current trending ingredients. Our extensive list of product concepts is shown below and please contact us if you require any more advice, guidance or additional information.




Product name

Formula description

Acidophilus (Probiotics)

Probiotic blend supports gut balance, aids digestion, and maintains optimal digestive wellness, supporting normal digestive enzyme function.

Cognitive & Focus

Revitalize mind and body, boost energy, and sharpen focus for peak cognitive performance and vitality.


Discover tranquility with our sleep blend, easing anxiety for restful nights and supporting overall vitality.

Heart & Cardiovascular

Nurture heart health, supporting optimal cardiovascular well-being and supporting the heart’s vital functions.


Supporting mobility and fostering skeletal health for optimal joint function and flexibility.


General Wellbeing

Product name

Formula description

Men’s Health

Nourishing nutrients for robust energy, stamina, and overall well-being in men’s health.

Women’s Health

Balance nutrition, exercise, and self-care for optimal women’s well-being and overall health empowerment.

Children’s Health

Support children’s health with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development.

Male Fertility

Contribute to male vitality, supporting reproductive health and hormonal balance with essential nutrients for well-being.

Female Fertility

Nourishing formula supporting women’s health, easing menopause, and contributing to normal fertility and reproduction with targeted nutrients.



Product name

Formula description


Comprehensive blend for overall health and well-being in convenient multivitamin formulation.


Elevate immunity, fortify health with a blend contributing to robust defenses for overall wellness.


Weight Management

Product name

Formula description

Energy & Performance

Energize with a dynamic blend supporting peak performance and vitality, aiding metabolism, and maintaining overall wellness.

Weight Gain Support

May stimulate appetite, potentially fostering effective weight gain support.

Weight Management

May regulate appetite, contributing to successful weight management with a nutritional approach.



Product name

Formula description


Revitalize workouts with a powerhouse blend contributing to strength, energy, recovery, growth, and mental performance.


Energy-boosting blend igniting workouts with focus and intensity, supporting performance for dynamic pre-exercise preparation.

Post-exercise & Recovery

Facilitate recovery for outstanding fitness results, ensuring post-exercise rejuvenation and exceptional performance support.



Formula name

Formula description

Collagen & Skin

Nourish skin with key nutrients, fostering a youthful and radiant appearance.

Skin Resilience & Beauty

Foster skin resilience and unlock age-defying benefits for radiant, timeless beauty.

Hair, Skin & Nails

Ignite beauty from within, with a blend supporting vitality for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Key Notes:


Product Formulation Certificates (PFCs) for house formulations may undergo changes which would mostly relate to the excipients and quantities of excipients used.

For formula details, please Contact Us with Formulation Name and PFC Number and one of our dedicated team memebers will send you the requested formula for your comprehensive evaluation and consideration.

Any claims made by customers of Redrose regarding the formulations manufactured by Redrose, including product labelling information, are at the sole discretion, responsibility and liability of the customer/brand. Redrose does not hold or accept any responsibility or liability for any claims made and acts only as the Contract Manufacturer of the products we produce and supply.

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