Redrose ‘off-the-shelf’ formulations

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf formulations that have been perfected over the years by our team. These formulations fall under the categories listed below, however if you have a specific product in mind, or would like us to develop a custom formulation for your brand, please visit our New Product Development page.

Brain Support

Brain Support Capsules

Key brain boosting vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals for mental clarity, enhanced mood and vitality

Brain Booster Capsules

Key brain boosting vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals for mental clarity, enhanced mood and vitality


Weight Management Capsules

Advanced Thermogenesis Metabolic Diet formula

Keto Complex Capsules

Max strength extreme ketogenic formula

Sleep & Anxiety

Sleep Support Capsules

Reduces tiredness & fatigue

Anxiety Relief Chewable Tablets

Improves sleep quality & mood

Health and Wellbeing

Multivitamin & Iron Tablet

Reduces tiredness & fatigue, supports a healthy immune system and normal energy release. To ensure you are getting a daily top up with vitamins to complement a balanced diet

Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgel

Benefits to mental health, blood lipid levels (cholesterol, triglycerides etc.), reducing inflammation and reducing muscle soreness

Children’s Health

Children’s Chewable Multivitamin Tablet

Assists normal cognitive development and contributes to the growth and development of bones, to help support the normal function of the immune system

Diabetic Support Chewable Tablet

To support Type 1 diabetes

Beauty from within

Collagen & Vit E Complex Capsule

Boosts skin elasticity & firmness

Advanced Marine Collagen Complex Capsule

Collagen Boost & Beauty Support. This special formula is for those women who want to look after themselves from the inside out by providing nutrients that can help with maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails


Fertility Support for Men

Contains the highest quality and most bio-available important vitamins and minerals in the most effective amounts which may help optimise sperm health

Fertility Support for Women

May help to promote conception and staying pregnant

Women’s Health

Meno Support

Contributes to hormonal regulation. Supports energy levels, mood & sleep. For hot flushes & night sweats

Bone & Joint Formula

Supports healthy bones, muscles & teeth.

Digestive Health

Probiotic Complex

Balances your internal ecosystem. 15 live strains + 21 Billion CFU

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