Here at Redrose we’re continually recording and tracking end-user trends and progressions within the industry, which is why we wanted to highlight the key growth areas in nutraceuticals that we’re already seeing in 2024.

Gut Health 

At Redrose Nutraceuticals, we prioritise your well-being with our cutting-edge formulations which are crafted to support optimal gut health, maintaining a balanced microbiome. Trust us to nurture your digestive wellness, ensuring you feel your best from the inside out. Experience the difference with Redrose – where science meets nature for a healthier you.


Elevate your performance with Redrose Nutraceuticals, your ultimate partner in achieving fitness goals. Our house formulations cater to every aspect of your workout routine, offering specialised  pre and post-workout support. Unleash your potential with our advanced capsules and tablets designed to optimise  your performance journey. Choose Redrose – where excellence meets innovation for unparalleled results in your fitness endeavours.

Plant-based Supplements 

More and more end-users are becoming vegan or vegetarian which has in turn led them to seek out plant-based supplements. Users, even those who are not explicitly vegan or vegetarian, are also looking for ways to lower their intake of non-plant based foods and supplements which is driving demand in this sector. 

Redrose has its vegan and vegetarian certification and can offer these plant based supplement options for your customers.

Overall Wellbeing 

The growing aging population are increasingly aware of their own health and well being, especially their mental health. Because of this, we have seen a massive increase in supplements such as Magnesium and Ashwagandha, which can be used to aid customers with anxiety and stress, while contributing to their overall wellbeing. 

As well as our off-the-shelf formulations, Redrose also offers bespoke formulations which can be created specifically for your brand by our in-house technical team, please contact us here if you’d like to know more.