Over the last few months zinc and its immune system benefits have been a clear talking point within the press. Even more so when President of the United States Donald Trump claimed he had been taking the supplement as part of his medication to ward off Covid-19.

Although there is no conclusive evidence about zinc warding off the virus, there is evidence to support zinc and its disease-fighting properties.

The nutrient affects a number of different processes throughout the body including your metabolism and your senses of taste and smell. However, zinc is of particular importance for your immune system as it works to help fight off certain microbes.

Studies have even suggested that taking zinc for over six weeks can make a major difference to the health of cells which makes it easier to fight off disease and infection. 

Other benefits of zinc include:

  • Accelerating wound healing
  • Reduces the risk of age-related diseases
  • May help treat acne
  • Decreases inflammation

There has been a clear rise in demand for zinc throughout the pandemic and as the US president alongside a whole tribe of celebrities claim to be taking the supplement, this demand shows no signs of slowing.

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