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Our 5 USP’s

After working within the nutraceutical industry for over 20 years, we know what’s important to our customers. That’s why we’ve worked to continuously improve and refine our 5 USPs. This ensures the process of creating and manufacturing your tablet, capsule or soft gel is efficient, runs seamlessly and leaves you with an end product to be proud of.

1. Super-fast Turnaround Times


We know time is crucial to any project and we always endeavour to take a product from concept to completion as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we offer the fastest lead time in the industry. With everything available on-site, including stock of materials and packaging, the manufacture of your products can begin within days.

While other manufacturers typically quote 6-10 weeks for orders, we can turn around a new customer formulated product in 3-5 weeks. Plus, if you’ve ordered the same product with us before, we guarantee it will take even less time to manufacture.

To speed the process along and reduce turnaround times even further, we also have a wide range of off-the-shelf formulations that we’ve developed and perfected for use.

2. Finest Quality Ingredients


We only use premium materials sourced through EU/UK certified brokers. Guaranteeing quality and meaning that all raw materials are tested to the highest standards. 

Creating the highest quality finished product for our customers is our number one priority and ensuring we are using premium raw materials is vital. We believe some other companies use low-quality materials which can not only be a danger to the final user but also to your reputation as a business.

Every one of our material suppliers has been inspected and tested by us independently, with trusted supplier relationships spanning many years.

3. Nutraceutical Manufacturing Experts


The knowledge and experience of our customer-facing team is simply incomparable. With over 20 years of experience creating and developing formulations for customers, Redrose is committed to providing the highest quality customer service with every customer engagement. 

Whether you’re emailing us to place an order or calling to talk about a new product, our team is always on hand to help and share its knowledge.

In addition to this, we give all of our new customers one point of contact to talk and guide them through the entire Redrose process, from concept to completion.


4. Expert Support and Advice


The one thing we always tell customers is to ask us as many questions as possible. Our team has formulated and manufactured countless numbers of products and are happy to share their knowledge and advice whenever needed.

We have a team of qualified health and nutrition experts on-site to help you develop new formulations, an extended team with countless years of experience in the industry to keep you updated with the manufacturing process and worldwide logistics experience shipping to Amazon as well as Europe, Middle East and America.


5. Flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)


Although we can produce up to five million capsules and tablets per day, we also have smaller designated stations across our manufacturing facility for smaller orders.

After speaking to our customers and collecting feedback for many years, we know how risky it can be to place a large order without trialling the market, which is why we continue to offer smaller MOQs than any of our leading competitors.

At Redrose, there’s nothing we want to see more than our customers’ businesses grow and succeed and by providing low MOQs this has allowed us to watch our customers grow from small orders to large international players in the health and nutrition market.


The Redrose Guarantee

By David Goodings

As an industry-leading manufacturer, ensuring that our customers are continually producing successful products and growing their businesses is a top priority to us. With this in mind, we guarantee to create the highest quality products possible, drawing upon our 20-plus years of experience in the industry to guide and advise our customers every step of the way.

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