The rise of the chewable tablet supplement is continuing to increase with many moving away from hard-shelled supplements in favour of the ‘easier to consume’ counterparts.

The chewable option can be preferred by the end user, with many customers believing they are easier to consume than traditional capsules or tablets. This growing market is set to reach a growth rate of almost 8% by the end of 2026. 

From our feedback the main factors that make the chewable tablets more popular amongst end-users are the following:

  • They don’t struggle to swallow the supplement
  • They can be made to taste better with flavourings added
  • The supplement can be consumed easily by children

Most recently, here at Redrose we’ve been working closely with one of our clients to create a chewable tablet designed specifically for children. The supplement was originally sold in the form of a capsule to help children’s growth, however after gathering feedback from our client, we converted this formulation into a chewable tablet.

This not only made it easier for children to consume, but we also added into the supplement a natural strawberry flavour along with a natural sweetener to make it a much more palatable and enjoyable experience for children when chewing the tablet as opposed to swallowing a tablet.

A large number of formulations can be converted into chewable tablet alternatives with some examples of what we currently manufacture being Children’s Multivitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. If you have a tablet which you would prefer to offer your customers in a chewable option please get in touch with our Technical Sales Manager, Nisha Shukla, who will be happy to discuss converting your preferred formulation. 

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