Women are key drivers of the functional food market with 63% of women using health supplements in comparison to 50% of men. Because of this growing demand from female consumers, over the last decade, supplements have become more focussed upon supporting gender-specific health issues such as menopause or hormone imbalances. Take a look below at the key categories currently trending within women’s health.

Reproductive Health

Although nutrition already plays an important role during pregnancy, studies have shown that key nutrients such as Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Selenium and Omega 3 Fatty Acids may affect fertility, specifically in egg quality and ovulation.

Clinically proven ingredients like Vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, zinc, and selenium will naturally support body as a Male fertility Supplement.

Redrose offers multiple off the shelf Female fertility supplements to help aid conception and safe pregnancy. We also offer Male fertility Supplements to optimise sperm count, motility & overall integrity.

Digestive Aids

Superfood and food supplements have been on the rise for women with a 28.2% increase as well as probiotics and digestive aids which are up by 10.8%. Probiotics for women’s health is a growing market with a potential target audience of 1.4 billion women. Specifically probiotics that focus on not only gut microbes but also vaginal microbes and those that can focus on urinary tract health are gaining popularity.

Redrose offers multiple off-the-shelf Probiotic Complex , designed to balance the internal ecosystem using 15 live strains and 21 Billion CFU. 

Menopause Awareness

As more workplaces across the UK pledge to become menopause-friendly employers, there is still a lack of knowledge around managing menopause-specific symptoms. 

Menopause is an inevitable part of getting older for most women that can be exhausting for Physical & Mental wellbeing.

We can support with science backed nutrients in the form of supplements which helps to tackle the below symptoms:

Hot flushes

Night sweats



Low mood & irritability


Poor sleep

Bone & Joint Pain

There are 3 vitamins that are best for menopause: vitamin D, B vitamins and vitamin E. Vitamin D and B vitamins are important for supporting the nervous system which gets put under pressure during menopause. Vitamin D is also important for your bone health, whilst vitamin E is an essential nutrient for heart health.

Calcium Reduction in bone loss
Plant sterols and stanols Reduction in LDL- and total cholesterol plasma levels
Vitamin D (in combination with calcium) and vitamin K Reduction in the incidence of fractures

If you’re looking to create a product to hit this growing customer base, here at Redrose we have a range of off-the shelf formulations to support women’s health. Or, if you’re looking to create a custom formulation for your business, please get in contact here: https://redrosemfg.com/contact/